I love horses!

Do you like to look in the eyes of a happy horse?

Our hor­ses mean so much to us. We enjoy them being hap­py and feel the wind, our ener­gies, natu­re.

How can I help you and your horse?

You are rea­li­zing your hor­se has a pro­blem? Nobo­dy could find out what the pro­blem is? Then you might call me and I will do my best to help your hor­se. And then you can feel real­ly good again!

Let us make your hor­se hap­py again!

A Coach for Your Horse and You

I am Anke Oer­le­m­ans. My love for hor­ses is very strong and I would do anything for hor­ses to be bet­ter. You, too?

I lear­ned a lot and work tog­e­ther with hor­ses, their caring peop­le and vete­ri­na­ri­ans who love hor­ses.

Dr. Anke Oerlemans

Equine dentist



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